Wilf Couldwell

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Wilf Couldwell Living at the back and beyond

This book is a collection of different short stories, all of them true. The common theme is the everyday happenings of life on a farm in the yorkshire pennies. ..

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Wilf Couldwell Moving On

This book is a completely true story of how a young farm boy of 21 years mved from the farm in the Yorkshire pennies, where he was born, to become a motorcycle shop owner in the small township of Deepcar Sheffield. ..

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A Decade with Wilf Couldwell and his bikes

A Decade with Wilf Couldwell and his bikes This is the story of both the good and the difficult times of Wilf Couldwell's involvement with motorcycles. From beginning as an avid amateur competition rider to becoming supported by a manufacture..

£14.99 Ex Tax: £14.99