Oils and Cleaners

Oils and Cleaners

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Nils 2-Stroke Mix1l

Advanced 100% synthetic lubricant for two-stroke engines. Thanks to perfect combustion DUO SYNT S ensures peak performance in terms of acceleration and engine response. It prevents carbon build-up from restricting ring mobility clogging t..

£23.10 Ex Tax: £19.25

Nils Brake Cleaner Spray

For practical and rapid removal of oil and grease traces, encrustation rust ware and other dirtiness from brakes, friction engine parts, gears and bearings. Leaves perfectly dry and clean surfaces. Avoid to use heavily on rubber and painted surfa..

£10.28 Ex Tax: £8.57

Nils Clutch Trial Oil 1l

TRIAL CLUTCH is high performance synthetic oil formulated to ensure perfect operation of the clutch in oil bath in any condition or stress.TRIAL CLUTCH is able to guarantee a perfect controllability of the clutch, thus avoiding the annoying slippage ..

£19.50 Ex Tax: £16.25

Nils Off Road Chain Lube 400ml

Nils OFF ROAD CHAIN synthetic lubricant tested for extreme conditions specific for offroad motorcycles..

£12.58 Ex Tax: £10.48

Putoline 1001 Penetrating Spray 500ml

PUTOLINE 1001 PENETRATING SPRAY 500ml  1001 Penetrating Spray is a particularly useful lubricant. The product penetrates and lubricates, displaces and repels moisture. It cleans and protects all metals. Thanks to its special formu..

£9.46 Ex Tax: £7.88

Putoline Action Fluid 600ml Spray

Action Fluid Spray is a high-grade foam air-filter oil in a handy spray can. It is suitable for use after the foam air-filter has been cleaned with Action Cleaner.Only use in a well-ventilated area, preferably in the open air. Wear protective gloves ..

£10.99 Ex Tax: £9.16

Putoline Mineral Hydraulic Fluid

Hydraulic Clutch Fluid is a mineral clutch fluid. It protects against wear and oxidation. 125ml..

£5.50 Ex Tax: £4.58