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TRS Clutch Gasket 2018RR Onwards

TRS clutch gasketFits 2018 RR models from 2018 onwardsFits TRS ONE models from 2019 onwards..

£12.50 Ex Tax: £10.42

TRS Exhaust O-ring

Genuine TRS Exhaust gasket. Two of these orings are used to create a seal between the front pipe to the mid box. Orings sold separately..

£4.02 Ex Tax: £3.35

TRS Head Insert O-ring

Genuine TRS o-ring. This o-ring seals the two halves of the cylinder head together around the spark plug area. Fits TRS One and RR models...

£2.08 Ex Tax: £1.73

TRS Inner Head O-ring

Genuine Inner head oring for TRS One and RR models Fits 250. 280 and 300cc..

£4.98 Ex Tax: £4.15

TRS Kids Balance Bike Magnesium

TRS Kids Balance bike.  Magnesium fame and only 2.6kgs Dimensions – length 85cm, Height 45cm..

£109.99 Ex Tax: £91.66

TRS One Aftermarket Sprocket Guard

Aftermarket rear sprocket guard for the TRS One trials bike. More flexable, thicker rubber that wont break as easy as the original guard that comes on the bike...

£9.95 Ex Tax: £8.29

TRS One Airbox to Carb Rubber Manifold

TRS carb to airbox hose. Fits both One and RR models...

£19.76 Ex Tax: £16.47

TRS One Airbox Top Half

Genuine TRS One airbox top half seat unit...

£90.10 Ex Tax: £75.08

TRS One Clutch Case Gasket

TRS inner clutch case gasket. Fits TRS ONE from 2016 to 2018Fits TRS RR from 2016 to 2017..

£11.65 Ex Tax: £9.71

TRS One Cylinder Head to Radiator Hose

Genuine coolant hose, left hand side hose fits between cylinder head and radiator...

£4.38 Ex Tax: £3.65

TRS One Flywheel Cover Gasket

TRS flywheel cover gasket. Fits One and RR models...

£8.27 Ex Tax: £6.89

TRS One Front Brake Cable Guide

TRS font brake cable guide. Clamps around the fork stantion to secure the hose in place. Fits 39mm forks..

£5.78 Ex Tax: £4.82