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Beta Evo Inlet Hose Red

These airbox hoses are much more flexible than stock. Making the carb so much easier to take on one off. ..

£8.45 Ex Tax: £7.04

Boyesen Carbon Tech Reeds, Beta, GasGas, Sherco, Scorpa

At the highest level of trials, you have to make a lot of choices when it comes to bike setup. The clear choice of champions is Boyesen’s ultra-responsive Carbontech reed system. The Carbontech series reed is a no-compromise reed that is designed,..

£39.95 Ex Tax: £33.29

Boyesen Power Reeds, Beta, GasGas, Montesa, Sherco,

Power Reed FOR SMOOTHER, STRONGER POWER & TORQUE. PATENTED DUAL STAGE DESIGN. NOW OPTIMIZED FOR OBSERVED TRIALS. Boyesen has redesigned the classic Power Reed for trial-specific applications. We have positioned it right between our S..

£35.95 Ex Tax: £29.96

Boyesen Superstock Reeds, Beta, GasGas, Montesa, Scorpa,

Superstock Reed OEM REPLACEMENT UPGRADE. Superstock Reeds are an amazing blend between economy andperformance. With tensions that match OEM specifications,the Superstock Series is the first step to achieving animproved air intake system.THE BOYESEN A..

£27.50 Ex Tax: £22.92

Dellorto PHBL26BS Main Jet

Genuine main jet to fit the Delloto PHBL26BS carburettor. ..

£4.80 Ex Tax: £4.00

Dellorto PHBL26BS Pilot Jet

Genuine pilot jet to fit the Delloto PHBL26BS carburettor. ..

£4.50 Ex Tax: £3.75

Dial Pressure Gauge 15 Trials

This pressure meter is one of those must-have items for any serious trials rider. Features: * easy to read dial * scale from 0-15 psi developed for trials use * pressure memory function * pressure release button to obtain precise tyre pressure * d..

£17.50 Ex Tax: £14.58

DPM Aluminium Silencer End Piece - GasGas

High quality aluminium replacement end cap tip for the GasGas silencers from 2010 onwards. Comes with rivets & screws. To fit you will need to drill this end cap with a 5mm drill to suit your silencer, then silicone and rivet into place...

£89.95 Ex Tax: £74.96

GasGas Pro 225 Kit

These new 225cc kits from S3 are excellent. Developed by Julian Wigg, Kev Hipwell and Michel from S3 in Spain.. They are a modified 250cc cylinder to be fitted to any PRO125 or 200 bottom half engine. For those who want to convert their 125 if your s..

£619.99 Ex Tax: £516.66

Jitsie Beta Evo 4t Mixture Screw

These are a must for any Beta Evo 4T owners. The standard carb mixture screw is impossible to reach with the carb fitted to the bike, but with one these fitted you can adjuster the bike with the engine running easily without any tools. ..

£19.96 Ex Tax: £16.63

Jitsie Beta Evo Racing Water Pump Kit

These kits have a larger water pump implellor. This moves more water and therefore keeps your bike running cooler. ..

£40.90 Ex Tax: £34.08

Jitsie Carb Conversion GasGas Pro Keihn

The Keihin carb is much better than the standard delorto carb. However they are two big to fit the standard manifold on the GasGas Pro. This conversion makes the intake of the carb smaller and allows it to fit straight in to the standard manifold. ..

£22.50 Ex Tax: £18.75

Jitsie Gas Gas Pro Silicon Water Hose Set Red

Silicon Hoses not only look great, but are better at dispersing heat, so allow your bike to run at a lower temperature. ..

£44.95 Ex Tax: £37.46

Jitsie Paioli Stiffer Front Fork Spring

Stronger fork spring, roughly 10% stronger all the way which is quite a bit stiffer than standard and is suitable for riders of 15 stone (95kg) and over. Will fit the following trials bikes with the Paioli or Ceriani suspension with only one sprin..

£41.50 Ex Tax: £34.58

Keihin Carburetor Main Jet Kit

Ever wondered why those factory riders bikes sound so sweet? Its because their carburation is set up to perfection. Now you can buy a complete set of main jets and a complete set of pilot jets for you bike, this allows you to set you bike as the p..

£18.95 Ex Tax: £15.79